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Part # 1121-0012-N, $245

This harness has all of the features that are needed to transplant the TPI engine out of a 90-92 Camaro or Corvette. The emissions equipment are not part of this harness but can be added if you need them.  Assembled with all of the sensor connections needed to operate as a 1990 to 92 Camaro MAP system. The harness is designed for the 1227730 ECM and Speed density EPROM calibration. The computer and chip are not included. It will allow you to use the 700R4 transmission.

Part #2523-2042-N, $295

Made for 1994-1995 TBI engine and transmission combinations with ECM service number 16197427 or 16196395 with RED and BLUE ecm connections. This is also used as a 4L60E conversion harness for transplanting the 4L60E transmission. It has all of the basic funtionality to run the 94-95 TBI engine with no emission equipment. This harness does have the 11-13 pin round plug for the transmission. It also comes with the heated O2 wiring and connection for the stock type of speed buffer or DRAC module.

Part #2433-3042-N, $305

This harness is the same as listed above but with the plug ins for the 4L80E

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